Tibco runtime agent (TRA) functions/role and its components

In this article, I have explained about TIBCO runtime agent (TRA) functions, roles and its components.

Before installing any TIbco products, it is mandatory to install TRA. BecauseTIBCO Runtime Agent supplies one or more TIbco products and third party libraries used at both design time and run time. Here you can get to know about basic functionality of TRA and details of the products/components which are included with TRA package.

Tibco Runtime Agent includes few components such as TIBCO Designer, Java Runtime Environment, TIBCO Hawk Agent, TIBCO Rendezvous, TIBCO Domain Utility, TIBCO Wrapper Utility, and Schema Files etc.,

TIBCO Runtime Agent Functions/Role:

(1) It supplies an agent which is running in the background on each machine for monitoring the process and starts and stops the processes running on a machine.

(2) It also supplies environmental variables (shared libraries) which are used by all Tibco products.

TIBCO Designer:
TIBCO Designer provides a graphical user interface to configure different projects using different tibco products depending on the products which we installed.

Java Runtime Environment:
TRA has need of JRE to be installed for developing TIBCO Java applications. We can manually configure environment variables to speed up subsequent installations of TIBCO products.

TIBCO Hawk Agent:
Hawk agent is process that lying on each computer on which TRA is installed and monitors TIBCO applications on that computer. The TIBCO Hawk agent operates autonomously and monitors the status based on set of rules and send alerts over the network only when problems are detected.

TIBCO Rendezvous:
TIBCO Rendezvous is a common, message-based communication mechanism which is used to integrate distributed applications. Subject-based addressing is used to pass messages to the specified destinations.

TIBCO Domain Utility:
TIBCO Domain Utility which manages the available components in an administration domain. Domain Utility provides Machine Management, Domain Configuration, Server Settings, Migration, and TIBCO EMS Plug-in.

TIBCO Wrapper Utility:
The TIBCO Wrapper utility permits to deploy TIBCO product or TIBCO Adapter as a service. It also allows the operating system to start the application automatically upon reboot.

Schema Files:
The Schema files are used to verify adapter configuration information which is prepared by editing an XML file. The schema files are located in TIBCO_TRA_HOME\schema.