How to book HP GAS online Bangalore

In this article, you will find step by step procedure to book HP GAS online Bangalore, India. Nowadays you don’t need to call their numbers to book for your refill, you can do it through online itself.

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited has come up with the option of refilling your HP GAS online by registering your consumer details with them. You can even avail city transfer of your connection online, double bottle connection and preferred time delivery facilities.

Step by step procedure:

  • Open the following website in your explorer.
  • Click on sign up for existing customer under New to HPGas Consumer Zone?
  • In the sign up page, please enter state, district, city/town, distributor and your consumer number of the existing active HP GAS connection.
  • Click on Next, it will verify your consumer number either it belongs to that distributor or not. Once its verified, in the next page it will show the Name of the person who is holding this connection with consumer number and distributor details.
  • If the above is correct, please click next and enter your Email, choose your password for registration. Click on sign up.
  • Once you click sign up, it will send you the activation mail to your registered mail id. You have to click that link after opening your email to activate.
  • Once you activate, you can log in and book your HP GAS online by clicking click here for refill booking under book cylinder online option on your left hand side.
  • You will be redirected to the booking history page, where you can find your booking details like internet booking no, booking date, status and distributor order no.

You can also book the refill by dialling the below numbers.

Bangalore – 99640 23456
Chennai – 90922 23456
Chandigarh – 98556 23456
Delhi – 99909 23456
Hyderabad/Vizag – 96660 23456
Kolkata – 90888 23456
Lucknow – 98896 23456
Mumbai/Pune – 88888 23456
Patna – 95071 23456
Kerala State – 99610 23456